Horizons for Green Development, in collaboration with the Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan (JERDS) propose to facilitate and implement a training program on several fields related to marine conservation tailored to the World Wildlife Fund.

Horizons for Green Development (HFGD) is a non-profit organization based in Jordan, Established in 2014 committed to empowering communities through sustainable development. As climate change heavily affects our natural resources our mission is to contribute to alleviating water shortages, increased use of renewable energy and energy efficiency and improved food securities. Close interaction with vulnerable societies helps us understand needs and gaps to better serve citizens. Civic engagement, initiating dialogue, strengthening capacities, income generating interventions, awareness and introduction of innovative solutions are jointly mobilized to act as change agents and improve thousands of lives. Improved national legislation and policies are also inextricably incorporated throughout our programs through the close interaction with decision makers at central and local levels.


The Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan (JREDS) was founded in 1993 and became the first specialized Jordanian non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to the conservation of the marine environment in 1995. Since then, JREDS has developed from the regular implementation of activities to a more solid way of thinking and three programs were established: the Marine Conservation, Outreach & Advocacy and the Sustainable Development programs. JREDS is working under a vision to become a” World-class” organization in marine conservation for future generations in Jordan. JREDS aims in its mission to contribute to the conservation and sustainable use of the marine environment in Jordan through implementing the programs successfully.


Project objective:

  • Build the capacity of of representatives of environmental organizations. Addressed topics include but are not limited to: marine conservation, managing marine protected areas, Integrated Coastal Zone Management, management and sustainable solutions. The venue is planned in Aqaba over the period of June-August, 2019 and for five successive days for each selected program.


Forecasted budget for the training is Three Thousand US$ (USD3,000.00) per person including domestic and international travel, lodging, meals and training fees.


Training themes:

  • Reef Check Eco-Drive program;

This training session aims at training and certifying participants to conduct Reef Check surveys and take an active role in conserving coral reef. Attendees will enhance their skills on globally standardized reef check methodology in addition to identifying key indicators on: fish, invertebrates and substrates for global monitoring and conservation of coral reef. The certified participants will join the reef check monitoring team and assist in underwater surveys around the world.

  • Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM);

Involving all parties concerned in the management process. Support and involve all relevant administrative bodies at the regional, national and local level between which appropriate links should be established with the aim of improved coordination of various existing polices.  

  • Marine Protected Areas Management;

Train and certify participants to be capable of integrating social, economic and environmental perspective while managing marine protected areas.    



Sessions will last for five days and include theoretical and hands-on training. Marine conservation experts from JREDS will lead interactive discussions and motivate participants to adopt best practices.


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