PV Supplier Android & iOS App




Horizons for Green Development is seeking an experienced developer/team to develop a smartphone application that will be used in Jordan to assist solar panel suppliers in finding qualified installers and maintenance workers. The application will be based on the Uber model of connecting two individuals together based on their proximity on a map and will contain features for verification of employee credentials and a rating system.




·                 -   Experience developing:

  •            Stable and reliable Android and iOS applications.
  •            GPS based/integrated applications
  •               Applications with a user rating feature
  •               Applications with document uploading features.
  •               Safe and secure user login features.


·                 -   The ability to document, test and internally support all developed functionality.


·                 -   The ability and willingness to record and accurately report ongoing project progress.


·                 -   The ability to meet deadlines and modify ongoing development features based on the client’s needs.



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